Bulls-eye! Who Is Pheed’s Target Audience?

In my previous posts (here and here), you may have taken notice that I have been mentioning that there is an emerging social network called Pheed that is gaining way in the digital realm. Pheed has become a hit ever since its release in 2012, and even was the Apple iStore’s top free app download, over both Facebook and Twitter, in 2013. Someone of you reading this still may not have heard about Pheed. Well despite some success, Pheed is still growing. If you’re reading this and under the age of 18, harnessing an obsession with hot new social trends, you’ve probably already created an account and are somewhere giving shouts to all of your “loyal subscribers” then stopping to check out what Miley Cyrus and her adorable little doggy have been up to. (No judgment on my part if this applies to you , but you are over the age of 18!)


Awww! I know, right?

Why would I make such a statement? Because users between the ages of 14-25 are a part of Pheed’s target audience. As the beginning of 2014, Pheed’s user population is made up of 84 percent users from the 14-25 year old age group. Pheed is of course inclusive to all users on the internet, but from the looks of things, their target audience is aimed at adolescents with a high focus on teenage users. Upon opening Pheed’s website, the headline, “A new way to express yourself” can be spotted in the middle of the page underneath the title. Teens are always looking for new ways to “express” themselves and Pheed aims to help with that.  Another reason why Pheed maybe targeting this age group could have something to do with it has to offer. Honestly, I have yet to try all of the many ways of interacting on my favorite social networks, Facebook and Tumblr, and I’ve literally just started using Instagram a month ago! Teens want the latest in everything. With teens, a new social site that can brag about being a step up from its competitors and deliver on this promise, is bound to get the same reaction as dangling a brand new toy in front of a baby: Someone is bound to want it. It’s fairly easy to get the younger demographics to try new things; they just have to be interesting.



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