Competition War: Facebook or Pheed?

pheed-lettererhaps you have noticed that just about everyone continues to blab on and on about how Facebook is slowly slipping down the tubes. This statement is most likely in regards to its slight inability to keep the attention of the teenage population in recent years. Given the fact that the majority of this demographic can’t sit still long enough to wait for the microwave buzzer to sound when their popcorn is ready, I’d say this was most certainly bound to happen. Despite this fact, Facebook still manages to press on and remain a social media top dog on the interwebs. I guess it’s safe to say that old Facebook isn’t taking a plunge into the abyss anytime soon.       However, there will always be a competitor lurking around, hidden deep behind the fog, hoping to slink up just close enough before rearing its ugly head and launching the ultimate surprise attack! Yes I do understand how dramatic that was, but truth is hiding in there somewhere!       All social media networks expect competition. But what is to be done when a new rival attempts to outshine the top dog and all of its longstanding competitors… I don’t know, but here comes Pheed!       Pheed it stated to be like Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and Instagram all rolled into one. With a heavy comparison such as that, one couldn’t help but wonder how Pheed really measures up to its competitors. For starters let’s compare Pheed with social network powerhouse, Facebook.       In 2013, Facebook’s CFO gave a statement admitting that teens are “using Facebook less.” Also in 2013, Pheed stated that about 81 percent of its users are between the14-25 age group. Could this be where of Facebook’s beloved youth demographic have gone? Maybe. Pheed shares links, images and videos, audio files and streaming of live events in a ways much more “cooler” than Facebook. Pheed’s interface is simple and fits more like a blog than a social website, aesthetically speaking. Younger users are always looking for sites that are new and combine artistic expression, which what Pheed’s main focus is. Pheed sets itself up to be more of a community blog than Facebook does as it combines the simple user engagement of Twitter with features that are similar to other sites that are there to give the user freedom of expression with their content. But honestly, just the fact that Pheed is a “fresher face” could pose a threat Facebook because many Facebook users have been members of the sight for quite some time and are very familiar with the interface.   facebook-exploit-zuckerbergpheed-tnooz


2 thoughts on “Competition War: Facebook or Pheed?

  1. I definitely agree with you Brittany, Pheed may be next to rise to the top. It has the ability to grasp young users with its creativity and the variety of media that can be uploaded. Pheed as a new, visually stimulizing media platform could very well drive the competition. Facebook’s turn is about to be up. There comes a time when almost everyone gets tired of the old and desires a fresh, unconventional way to communicate, and even market themselves. As you said in your other post including Taco Bell, that was genius! The company’s motive was smart in adding a picture to promote its “Twelve Pack”. Seiously, A picture can say a thousand words. This is why Pinterest, Vine, and Instagram host so many users.

    I recently wrote a post dedicated to what I believe could be the next big social media channel: Medium. Based on its website, it’s a “blog publishing platform founded by Twitter co-founders Evan Williams and Biz Stone in August 2012.” People from all over can post stories and posts on anyting you can think of. Its simplicity is the best part. The modern, sleek photos, as its so easy to use! Medium doens’t add all the extra stuff, it gets straight to the point. And it’s free!Check it out through my blog!
    Everyone will be talking about it!

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