Pheed: The Social Network That Has Potential Perks For Marketers Willing To Think Outside the Box


This generation has proven to have a vibrant fascination (or as some would put it, a borderline obsession) with technology and its many abilities to help get and stay connected with various users of the World Wide Web near and far. For a group that is always on the lookout for the “next big thing,” whatever developers and innovators decide to release has to top social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, and Tumblr to cater to the digital appetite of heavy social media fiends. For now, there will continue to be a market for emerging social media platforms, with eyes on the most innovative and exciting of the bunch.

Just users are looking for social media platforms to sink their teeth into, so are companies and marketers. There is a social app has been on the market for just about two years and all the little birdies have been flocking to it recently. That emerging social media platform is called Pheed.


According to the network’s website, Pheed is a free social multimedia platform that allows users to “create, inspire and share text, photos, videos, audio tracks, voice-notes and live broadcasts.” In addition to that, Pheed enables users to share all forms of digital content and allows for subscriptions to be paid and other monetary facilities to be used. Other reviews are considering Pheed as “The New Twitter,” but it really just feels like a mash up site that combines all the glorious bits of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and SoundCloud with the added perk of live broadcasts, all of these things that users want, including no ads.

Hold the phone…

I know, I know. You’re probably reading this to gain insight on how you can use this site to market products and services to the users on Pheed, not to be shunned away like an outcast!

Well, here is where the “thinking outside the box” portion comes in handy.

Businesses are encouraged to join Pheed just as other social media users are. Since paid advertisement isn’t going to be happening with this site anytime soon, marketers should aim to use Pheed to interact with its customers and potential customers in ways such as video, images, hash tagging, and posting live streams that all encourage customers to come to the brand rather than just bringing the brand to them. Since Pheed works in terms of subscribers, you can see the users that are interested in your brand and also view what those users are most interested in. This can be done because Users have their own profile, which displays all the activity they post, and a main feed that displays all the activity from the users they follow. This can be used to your advantage in many ways from customer loyalty to customer attraction purposes.

Let’s take Taco Bell’s Pheed account for an example. Taco Bell has 55,687 subscribers, and uses images and hash tags as its main source of attraction to their page. Taco Bell is known for its creative posts on Twitter and Facebook which translates over to its presence on Pheed. They use this to talk about continuing products as well as new products which can translate into sales. As a Marketer, you must be willing to engage with our customer to attract attention and awareness.


Pheed has many great things to offer if you are thinking of creative ways to market and gain attention for your business. It can be great for your business in combination with other marketing tools and is definitely worth looking into. Check it out for yourself.


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